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Selling Tools
Posting a Selling Leads
Posting a Product

Go to "Selling Tools" in My Page and click "Post New Product." When you get to the "Post New Product" page, provide the required information and click "Submit" when finished.

Product Name: Please enter an appropriate product name here, not a model number, or a company name, or a brand name.
Product Photo:
  1. Size: less than 200K.
  2. Format: JPG
  3. The name of your product picture should be in English.
Keywords:Keyword means the word that your company/product/Trade Lead is searched with. Four out of five customers will search for what they need directly. Keyword is at the heart of searching because if your keyword is matched with a customer's sought products, your Trade Leads or products can be listed for buyers instantly.

Selecting Proper Keywords
Subject: Buy Green Fuji Apple
Category: Agriculture/Fruit

Three Key Words:
No: Green, Fuji, apple
Yes: Green Fuji Apple, Fuji Apple, Fruit

Apple is a real product, and apple is a kind of fruit, so "apple" and "fruit" can be keywords. Green (color) and Fuji (place of origin or species) are adjectives, meaning they modify "apple." They can not be keywords. Nobody searching with such adjectives will find products.

Category: Try to select the most relevant category. If possible, do not select "other." More than one third of buyers look for products by category. A precise category listing will enhance your chances of being found easily.

Product Description:Make sure your description refers only to the features of the product in the picture, not all of your products or your company's general information. Please note: Brief Description will be displayed on the search result list page.

You will receive a message telling you your product(s) have been submitted to our editing team. Products, upon approval, are published on MachineryMartIndia.com within 24 hours. Once your products are approved, you can choose to display them or not display them. The "Manage Products" table is where you can manage which products you wish to display.

If your products are not approved (i.e., you are required to submit more information), the status will be shown on your My MachineryMart homepage in the "Requires Editing" section with "Return Reason".

Please note: The approval process applies to all postings on MachineryMartIndia.com, including, Company Profile, products, buying leads and selling leads.

Managing my Products
To edit your products, go to My Machinery Mart. In the "Manage Products" section, you can view all of your products' status at any time. They are classified under three sections:
  • "Editing Required" includes products that have been rejected by MachineryMartIndia.com because they require editing.
  • "Approval Pending" includes products that have been posted but have yet to be approved. The approval process usually takes 24 hours.
  • "Approved" includes those products that are on display and those not on display. You can choose which products you wish to display.
Please note:You may edit or delete only products currently located in the "Editing Required" and "Approved" sections.