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Posting and Moderation Rules
Posting and Moderation Rules
Machinery Mart India  Community channel is a place that allows business people to exchange business ideas, communicate business issues and find business resources. We think some topics/items are not suitable for the channel and will take necessary measures to prevent inappropriate publication of such information:
  1. User content cannot infringe upon copyrights and other intellectual properties.
  2. User content cannot contain personal attacks.
  3. User content cannot be or otherwise resemble our selling leads, buying leads, product catalog, company profile services. Succinctly, no buying and selling information is allowed on the discussion boards.
  4. User content cannot attempt to resolve individual trade disputes or allegations of fraud among trading partners. Such cases should be immediately directed to the Machinery Mart India Service Team for appropriate review and action.
  5. Users should not engage in political discussions.
Machinery Mart India has the right to delete the above-mentioned content posted by the user, without notifying the poster, just as Machinery Mart India has the right to edit and use content posted by users, as well as to make links to the user content.
A few more DO's and DON'Ts:
  1. Do be civilized and considerate.
  2. Do try and express your thoughts carefully and clearly.
  3. Do be sure to read what the other person is actually saying and not what you think they may be saying.
  4. Do keep messages on-topic and post on the appropriate topic board.
  5. Do watch what you say - you are responsible for what you write. Views expressed in the forums are not endorsed by Machinery Mart India
  6. Don't swear.
  7. Don't get personal. A good general rule to follow is, "criticize ideas, not people".
  8. Don't post personal/racial/ethnic/gender-based insults, slurs or offensive comments.
  9. Don't post junk.
  10. Don't post advertisements. If you are unsure whether or not a posting constitutes an advertisement, e-mail Machinery Mart India before posting.
  11. Don't post useless, off-topic material.
  12. Don't make slanderous statements or anything else that might violate someone's privacy.
  13. Don't post contact details such as phone numbers, physical address details, email addresses or any other type of contact details.